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I'm 47 years old, and I've been a fishing addict for 40 of those years -- and counting! I also love boating -- especially running whitewater in my driftboat while fly fishing Northwest rivers.
I live in South Puget Sound, where I'm an outdoor writer and columnist for The Olympian and Tacoma News Tribune newspapers. I also write outdoor articles for and other freelance work.
I also have a home in Hood River, Oregon. I often head to Hood River on weekends to spend time with my partner, Heather Blaine, and enjoy the sweet outdoor offerings of the Columbia River Gorge and Central Oregon.
Heather, who is an orchardist and grows pears, apples and cherries, also joins me on travels, surfs and even casts a fly rod.
Heather is the love of my life, and she makes me laugh and think. Heather has shown me that love strikes at any age and at any time. She has renewed my life in so many ways.
Am I lucky? You bet!
Courtney, my 18-year-old daughter, is a student at Portland State University. She's the joy of my life and a frequent fishing and surfing partner.
Heather has two children, Malcolm and Miga, and I love them very much. I'm also trying to corrupt them into a lifetime of fishing and surfing.
This blog is my labor of love. I hope to share my love of the outdoors and of life.
Any writing is formed -- at least partially -- from a writer's past.
I grew up in Southern California, where I surfed and fished the beaches and waters of Santa Monica Bay south to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California.
I first fell in love with the Northwest, at age 11, when I read a National Geographic story about the restoration of Oregon's Willamette River. I announced that night that I would someday live in Oregon.
My family laughed at me. But -- a few years later -- I was living in Bend, Oregon and wallowing in the wonderful fly fishing of the Deschutes River and other nearby waters.
I moved to Eugene, Oregon to attend the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, and I graduated in 1993.
Since then, I've written for newspapers in Oregon and Washington and fallen even deeper in love with the beauty of water.


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